Optimize your sales funnel with Peter Ross

Peter Ross, the cofounder of 829 Studios, a full-service marketing agency based in Boston, gave a true master class at the DRA convention with several great nuggets of wisdom. 

He has graciously accepted an invitation from Ranch Bookings to do a webinar and provide his great insights to all of you again. 

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March 26th 4:30-5:30 pm EST.

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Here are a few of the tricks that Peter spoke about at the convention - it’s all common sense, but easy to lose sight of:

  • Buying Ads on your own brand/domain name keyword is up to 5 times cheaper than a competitor buying those keywords. Protecting your brand is cheap - don’t let your competitors steal your traffic.
  • Ranches are a seasonal business. Your ad budget should ebb and flow with the booking season. Do not let an agency bill you a set amount each month without showing you the receipts! If an agency manages your ads, demand to tie your own credit card to your ad accounts so you can keep track of the spend.
  • Excluding keywords is as important as targeting keywords for your ads - you do not want your brand showing on unsavory or irrelevant (ranch dressing, anyone?) search terms!

Join us for what is sure to be an educational webinar!

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