Meet the team!

Our team is made up of experts both from the Ranch and Guest side of the Ranch Resort experience. 

Matthieu Corrand

Matt Ranch Bookings Blog Photo


An industry insider...

Matthieu Corrand

Matt grew up in France but spent his summers working every job at his families Dude Ranch in Jackson, Wyoming.-Goosewing Ranch. After graduating with his Masters in Computer Science from Ga. Tech and while working full time, he decided to build something for his father to more easily manage things at the Ranch. Matt wanted his dad out of the office and outside where he could enjoy the ranch. 

Fast forward to today and Ranch Bookings management tools support more than 20 Ranches and counting. He is excited to bring the very offline Guest Ranch industry to a new market online.

Matt spends his free time exploring the outdoors with his fiance, finding new craft beers and building new gadgets.

Steven Downey

Adventure Travel is the name of the game...

Steve joined the US Army after high school where he became a Combat Medic. During his time in the military and in the years following adventure travel became a large part of his life - in 2016 he trekked to Everest Base Camp with a group of fellow Combat Veterans. 

After serving in Iraq, Steve decided it was time to go back to school and finish his degree. While there he started working on and with startups, and has been hooked ever since. 

Steve joined Matt in 2018 and they haven't looked back since. 

Matt Whisman



Ready to work...

Matt served in the Air Force as an avionics technician and is currently a junior software engineer. Matt worked with Ranch Bookings as an intern and was hungry to learn and take on challenges. Matt is taking a more consistent role with the team and will be helping Matthieu with some of the technical workloads. 

Fun Fact; Matt swears that he was assaulted by a ghost while visiting Gettysburg. (We will let him tell that story)

Paul Corrand

It's in his blood...

Like Matt, Paul grew up working every job on the Ranch and is currently pursuing a degree in computer science at Polytechnic Montreal. 

Paul works with Ranch Bookings as an intern on projects directed by Matt. He helps play a key role in allowing Matt to get his work done. 

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