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Using our Webinar Growth Pack templates is easy. Simply take the WorkCast generated webinar code and paste it into the landing page - that's it! All webinar features such as polls, moderated Q&As and statistics will work perfectly, and information can be pulled right into your HubSpot contacts data.

The templates offered by WorkCast provide everything you need to run a full end-to-end webinar and include invitation emails, registrations forms, thank you pages, live and on-demand webinar landing pages, reminder emails and post event emails to link to the on-demand version of your webinar.

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Our Webinar Growth Pack templates can be used with any webinar platform that allows embedded webinar functionality. Whether you are looking into generating more leads or nurturing your existing ones, the templates fully encompass WorkCast's experience in getting the best possible registration, attendance and feedback rates.

We offer a free Present+ trial to anyone using the templates and as such, you may be contacted by us to ensure you get the most from the trial. However, there is no obligation to use our trial or software and you are free to use these templates as needed with any third party webinar or on-demand video product.

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